Korisis Haskal d'Sivis: Artificer Gnome

Kor notices the men climbing aboard the ship and figures that they'll be settling before the ship sets off, so he has some time. While on deck, he observes Lt. Kassad Denieth. The gnome is unsure of how ranks will work on ship. As Engineer, he's likely of an equivelent rank, not that he cares. The Gnome walks up to meet this new arrival, "Eun ahev ur Siven, ka ur Siven om eheves e Gnome." he says in Gnome, then translates "You have my Words, and my Words are that of a Gnome." This phrase may be known as one of the greatest gnomish vows, and to a gnome all words are sacred. Most cultured people would be aware of the strength of vow the Gnome was making.

He takes a short pause, then makes a half-bow out of respect, but showing that he feels they are equals. Then he says, "I am Korisis Haskal d'Sivis, Engineer of the Fool's Dream, and Employee of the House of Sivis. I am glad to make your aquantance, Leiutenant. If you'd like, later I can show you a bit more about the ship, since I assume you'll want to know its combat-readyness and overall capabilities." He looks unmarked, but he's from House Denieth so I can expect professionalism. The gnome smiles and adjusts his dark-red bowtie which he picked out just for today. He isn't wearing his leathers, so he looks rather overdressed compared to the battle-ready soldiers.