Kassad Denieth

Kassad jumps a bit when the gnome first speaks. He hadn't been paying attention. Instead he was focusing on suppressing a wave of mental instability, all flowing vision and swirling noises.

"A gnome? Oh, excuse me. Yes, of course, it's nice to meet you too, Korisis was it?" Kassad stands up formally, and holds out his gauntlet-ed right hand to the little gnome. "I'd be glad to get a tour of this fine airship. It's not really my job to do strategy, but I'm sure there's something useful to be learned. I've ridden airships before, but never served on one, I'm more than a little concerned about fighting on one, so maybe a tour is exactly what the apothecary ordered." Kassad says to the gnome. His speech is a little over-eager, trying to hide how distracted and out of sorts he was earlier.