Korisis Haskal d'Sivis: Artificer Gnome

The gnome, being a master of speech and language(at least compared to layfolk) tries to figure out if Kassad was hiding anything. While the Gnome doesn't plan on exposing anyone, nor does he have problems with people who have problems, he likes to have information on everyone.


Sense Motive:(1d20)[4]
I realized I have no modifiers for this check

"So, what family are you from within your House? I'm from the Haskals, we're not the most famous, but we're known for our focus on magic items. Have you been in this war for a long time? I joined as part of the alliance between Zilargo and Breland. I should let you know, that my House has given me specific instructions to avoid direct combat unless necessary. We're supplying Artificers, Information, and our message system, but not actual soldiers. Our coutry prefers not to lose its people to senseless violence."