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So, let me know if I'm reading this right. The Sabylians read an awful lot like Hittites, what with their animal husbandry and horsemanship (I would suggest having them invent chariots!). The Vabbians are the Indo-European, or Aryan invaders (they have iron and they displace and conquer everyone else). The Tamazians look like native Sumerians. The Sinatic people are Israelites, and the Aserians are essentially Babylon (except they built a dragon instead of a tower, so sweet). Did I get that right?
Actually not exactly, I draw and combine a lot,

The Tamazians are a lot like the Sumerians in that they are the first to settle and live in the delta. Also the Tamazian lifestyle is like that of the Sumerians. However a lot of things about them are like ancient Vedic and Hindu culture, a rigid caste system chief among them. They also have similar purity rules. They also have some aspects similar to the Israelites in that they were brought to their current homeland by their deities and see it as a sort of promised land.

The Vabbians are actually more like the Semitic invaders then any Indo-Europeans. The Semitic speakers invaded and founded such cities as babylon and Akkad, actually in the region I've made the city of Arkech has some similarities to Babyl. A giant tower built by slaves from many nations, and a city of magic users.

Sabylians do have that Hittite flair. But also a bit of Persian, same with the Sinatic speakers.

In truth each ethnic group is a mix of peoples and customs.

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In your history, you have a lot of conflict between shepherds and farmers. According to historian Robert L O'Connell, the very first wars would have been fought between these two forces. So Kudos!
What is the Epic of Gilgemesh if not a story of some city slicker going in and beating up a bunch of country folk and taking their stuff?

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I do believe that ancient Sumerians, or ancient folk in general, would call a Dragon a Serpent. Great Wyrm also works, but the word Dragon itself doesn't sit well with me.
It doesn't but for the players I use words they are familiar with sometimes. I mean I did go around and look up arabic, hebrew and farsi words for things where I could but often the players are just "So a dragon?" .... >.<

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As you said in my thread, Gods of this era are capricious. I'd like to see some examples of cruelty by the gods as well as some kindness (see: Ishtar in the Epic of Gilgamesh). At their worst, Mesopotamian gods were pitiless Cthulhu like monsters. To quote TV Tropes:
True that, however I'm being a bit more varied then the source material. For example the Tamazians fanatically love Anash and Enki, attaching them all sorts of adoration. They lead them to this promised land, protect them, and nourish them.

The Vabbians have more that sort of relation to their Gods. Ziel is the uncaring passage of time, cruel father time dealing out everyone's fate, no matter how cruel. And Nazrael, while enchanting and sexy is also passionate and at times capricious, like the sun it gives life but burns your skin and dries the land.

I do plan to add some things about Mizarom though, He frequently delivering punishments to both the living and dead.

In a way I'm trying to combine a lot of mythology. Part Mesopotamia, Part Canaan, Part Persia, even a bit of Hindu.

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Your creation story feels a little disjointed and sanitized. Reading some of the early creation stories reveals the gods weren't averse to use anything to make the world. Even some questionable usage of certain liquids in the human body.
creation story? Actually I didn't make one, as none of the religions in the land specifically have one. I guess I posted the wrong draft. >.<

Technically the Gods are unknown if they specifically created the world or are just powerful entities who interact with it.

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You could use a timeline to keep everything straight.
I'm thinking of having everything be post "War in Heaven." So the common era is everything after that.