Ashayan Lovain d'Lyrandar

Ashayan shakes his head and steps back from the wheel. "She's difficult to control captain. I can't connect my mind with the elemental through the wheel of wind and water but I can almost sense its presence. It is my fervent wish one day to manifest the wind's favour ability but as yet I have no such skill."

Formally he passes command to the captain. "I stand relieved." Relaxing Ash looks out of the wheelhouse and smiles, "Time to introduce myself to our passengers."

He makes his way along the desks introducing himself to all the new faces. Start with someone I know he thinks to himself and heads over to where Korisis is talking to a mercenary lieutenant and a warforged soldier. "Good day, Kor, how's the Dream holding up with all our new visitors? Won't you introduce me to your new acquaintance. He turns to the Denieth mercenary leader and holds out his hand, "I'm the first mate, Ashayan Lovain d'Lyrandar, most people call me Ash but 'mate' is sufficient in an emergency. We're a little short handed as you can probably see. Can any of your men operate the ships weapons at a pinch?"

"We should work out an order of command I suppose. Don't worry we're a flexible bunch in House Lyrandar. The captain's word is law on board for everyone. I command the crew. Kor is in charge of the elemental chamber and his workshop, even Captain Meryll defers to our gnomish engineer there," he laughs softly at the joke, "We have no formal command over your men of course but don't be surprised if anyone found lollygagging is given a mop or a rope and put to work. I'd appreciate it if your men stay clear of the wheel house and the elemental chamber, you'll find both warded, and out of cook's stores and the armoury. Rooms have been assigned but there aren't enough for all your men. Some can bunk with the crew, we have hammocks for thirty, but more than that will have to sleep on deck or in gangways. If anyone suffers from vertigo then keep them below decks, it's a long way down. If anyone has motion sickness tell them to check the direction of the wind before running to a rail. Few things are worse on a ship than bringing up your breakfast and finding it picked up by the wind and flung back in your face."

He turns to indicate the warforged that Korisis is gushing over, "Your weapons should remain stowed but ready," something about these metal and wooden soldiers was worrying. A person is bought into the world and brought up to find a place within it. You don't just build a man and set him to work. "Now, lieutenant, what say we give you that tour and you can introduce your men?"