The orc rubs his sore muscles as he quickly attempts to orient himself. He spends a few moments listening for movement outside...wherever he's found himself. He offers a prayer to Gruumsh under his breath, This one thanks you for the test he is about to receive, One-eye. Don't go easy on me, and shall pass the favor on to our enemies.

If Krgg heard nothing outside: Krgg begins rapping the knuckle of his gauntlet on the walls, floor, and ceiling in an attempt to identify any weak spots or more hollow-sounding spots to make his escape at, then attempts to kick his way through.

If Krgg heard something outside: The orc strains to discern if the noise he heard was a threat, then shrugs, deciding it doesn't matter much. He slides his falchion clear of its scabard and attempts to force his way out of...wherever he is.

Upon freeing himself from his confinement, Krgg rolls his head from side to side, scanning the area. Someone has a lot of explaining to do. His feral grin reveals a glint on his tusks and his in his eyes, the bloodlust begins to hum in him, the opening melody of the siren song of good clean battle.

Initial Listen check (1d20)[10] and if applicable/wanted, second listen check (1d20)[9] to identify any sounds he heard.

If needed, strength check (1d20+8)[22] to break open a wall

Or if he's using his falchion to break out, attack roll if needed (1d20+20)[37] and damage [rollv]2d4+2d6+13[/rollv] and damage to Krgg (1d6)[6] and just in case it's available (I don't know how you prefer to handle maneuvers out of combat) Krgg will use his readied Elder Mountain Hammer to effect the strike against his prison, overcoming any DR/Hardness and adding (6d6)[20] damage to his attack. Whew this post makes me look like that guy that complicates things needlessly