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    "Still", Warforged Magehunter

    As the small man in formal attire spews forth his barrage of questions Still examines him and contemplates what he knows of gnomes. Which isn't much. Oddly though he does know their tongue. Maybe some of the workers's words fell into the forge at ones creation.
    Also did he consider himself, and his place. Both social-military and geographically.

    When he was about to speak, moments before the gnome might start to consider him a mute, he was interrupted by a half-elven crew-member of the ship. One who seems to have a preference for stating the obvious.

    As he and the Deneith officer walked off Still looked around to see who was in command and as such who would permit or deny him to speak. Seeing none other than the gnome and his brethren he began to speak, in gnomish: "Good day, sir. Yes, from the adamantine plated line. We hail from the House Cannith Forge of course, sir.
    It felt cold and daunting. The world and a lifetime stretched before one.
    My combat specialty is sword and shield. To better withstand the warriors as I close in on the mages.
    Sketch me if you will, it is not my call to make.
    Name.....One has not been personally addressed before other than with orders. Which does not require a name. You may address one as you see fit, sir."

    Once done answering the gnome's questions he returns to his previous blank stared composure.