Is there a way to do Agg damage with Prime Arcana? Maybe the answer is in one of the Mage spat books, but I could not find anything that works in the core book.

I recently joined a Mage: the Awakening game run by one of my good friends. The game has been going for a while, but last night was only my second time with them. I'm playing an Obermos, who was originally built with Forces 3, Mind 3, Prime 1. Then the ST said that I should have a Mastery (or at least be close to one) and that there was already a Forces Master. So I remade my character with Prime 5, Mind 3, Forces 1.

The ST refluffed the history of Atlantis and had the party discover that during the time of Atlantis, there was a giant war between Mages and Werewolves. The party - before I joined the game - accidentally awoke a werewolf from that time who is more powerful than any werewolf alive. (He can transform into a dragon.) That werewolf does not know that the war has ended and is rallying all the werewolves to restart the war.

The next game (in 2 weeks) will start with combat. When the ST was giving out silvered weapons last game, I realized that I had given my PC no dots in Brawl, Firearms, or Weaponry. He is a Master of Prime, but when looking in the book, found no Prime spells that do agg damage, which is useful when fighting werewolves. (Also, everyone else is armed with silver weapons, meaning they will be doing agg.)

There are a lot of things I know I can do. (My plan now is to create a bear with Marionette, create armor for the bear, and send the bear in to fight.) But I'm looking for a way to make myself more combat effective against werewolves using just Arcana.