As noted in the OoC thread, I'm skipping the rest of this fight, as it will take too long and the outcome isn't in any real doubt. Quint looses eight charges on his wand of magic missile, and two of the skeletons are reduced to half health before they manage to immobilize and beat the oozes to death with local rubble. On the upside, everyone gets 1,000xp for killing them and exploring the first two levels.

With the oozes neutralized, it becomes apparent that the outer wall of the acolyte barracks area has collapsed some time in the last few years. There is now a hole in the side of the Horn, which could possibly be exploited as a way inside, bypassing the designed defenses.

In any case, the first two levels of the Horn appear to have been swept and secured. You still have no way up to the third level without climbing over the front of the mountain, but you do know that at least one of the pillars in here is hollow, and likely runs through at least the floor below.

What do you do?