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Great thread. I'd love to know where you're all finding these pictures so I can make an attempt to add to the conversation. My google-fu has always been terrible.
I began with the terrible google-fu method as well. As Daft mentioned, Deviant Art and other art sites get used a good bit. But for trying to find something to post yourself, trying to find something from those sites blindly can be a bit tough.

Whenever a new Magic the Gathering set comes out, I usually check out the sites for some of the artists. They produce a ridiculous amount of fantasy themed art that is appropriate for the thread.

My favorite method, is to find an image that someone else posted that I like. I then right click and "copy image location". I then try to navigate around to find the gallery that image is a part of, because in most cases, if there is one cool image on a site, there are more to be had as well.