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"If it's knowledge you're looking for, you've come to the right devil. I can get the information you need, but it's going to cost you. And since you're all being so secretive, I have no idea what you have to offer me. So you're just going to have to keep naming things until I'm satisfied."

Alias: Any named, male character from Romeo and Juliet. (And perhaps a female if situation warrants.) The name Mercutio is also an alias, although he tends to allow people to believe its his True Name.
Gender: Technically genderless. Self-identifies and presents as male.
Race/Species: Knowledge Devil of Pride over Life.
Age: Roughly 300 years.
Alignment: Very Lawful Evil.
Class/Profession: Planeswalker, contractor, scientist.
Power Rating: Varies.
Description: His usual physical form is very close to his true ethereal form, and makes no bones about his Abyssal status. Blue, lightly scaled skin, folded goat ears, a long round tail that ends in a bone, pointed spade. But perhaps what's most disconcerting is his eyes - orange, with a rectangular, horizontal pupil.
Generally, Mercutio is a sharp dresser. In most of his dealings with Mortals he wears a three-piece suit with a dark blue tie and a long red coat with elaborate golden embroidery. He almost always has a spell-book hanging from his belt by a chain run through its spine.
Personality: Perhaps ironically, Mercutio is quite prideful. He is well-spoken and rather haughty, often looking down at the mortals he makes deals with. He is manipulative in almost everything he does, presenting deals and contracts in a light that downplays the negative aspects and makes it seem like the recipient is getting the better half of the deal. He rarely enters into a task unless he believes he stands to gain something from it.
Equipment: Spellbook, vast stores of mana, a Darksteel fountain pen.
Backstory: Once upon a time, Mercutio was an ordinary, boring old devil. Working away in the libraries and research halls of Pride over Life, occasionally getting bullied into going to aid a more powerful devil or demon into aiding them in wars and feuds.

It was on one such an expedition when Mercutio found himself alone in the mortal realm. As he set out to rejoin his companions, something fell from the sky. Mercutio, brimming with curiosity, decided to find out what.

It took him an hour to track down the crater. At the bottom lay a humanoid female, charred, smoking and barely alive. It wasn't until he made his way into the crater that he saw the burned-out stumps protruding from her back that marked her as a fallen angel. And it wasn't until he was crouching over her, looking down at her terrified face, that he realized that there was a powerful magical energy housed somewhere inside her. Fascinated, Mercutio brought her back to his laboratory and set out to find what this strange new magic was.

Weeks of study, research and experimentation passed and Mercutio was able to identify his new toy was a Planeswalker, and the magic she stored was a Spark.
Months more, and Mercutio was able to begin extracting the Spark.
Miscellaneous: Do you want to make a deal with a devil? Got any characters itching for knowledge they can't get on their own and willing to pay dearly for it? Send me a PM! It'll be fun!


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