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    @LordErebus: Thank you!

    We'll make the adjustment to non-stackingness during our next game session. We'll see how it plays, as there's likely to be a lot of combat in the next game session. The PCs walked right into an ambush in the last game and barely escaped with their lives. The monk's mobility saved the day, however, allowing him to grab the phylactery they were after just before they teleported out (pity it was a fake ).

    10/28/2012 Update: The non-stacking adjustment smoothed group balance rather well. I'm finding that the monk still pushes the envelope on damage output, however, and that in particular boss fights are over too soon. I am considering moving the +Wis to damage feature out of the class and into the Eagle Claw Attack feat, which will have the effect of slightly slowing the power progression of monk players who want to stack feats in order to deal insane damage. Still mulling it over.
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