Zeus replies to Merla: "That remains to be seen, Miss Merla. Warforged are mortal just like people made of flesh. Most of us have not existed long enough to tell for certain how long we can be expected to function before failing due to age-based wear and tear. ... Thank you though for the compliments, I'm flattered. I like your robes, they are very... staccato." Staccato may have been a poor choice indicating something that stands out... perhaps I should have said legato?
After a short pause, he adds "My design is unique, to my knowledge, specializing in marksmanship and speed. I will happily investigate the door to be certain it is safe. If there are traps I am sure I will find them... only, we may need to open the external steel door again first. I would suggest we all move in together this time."
With that, he draws and lights a sunrod, setting it in the brim of his hat before checking to be sure the crossbow on his right arm is ready.