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    Quote Originally Posted by Fax Celestis View Post
    Immediately thought of Cidolfus Orlandu:
    Hmm, nice, and meets most of the criteria but something about it just doesn't click. I guess some more info about the character in question might help with finding the right picture:

    He's an ex-commander from the army (or guard), might change, technically a Bard/Warblade, who is known for doing basically everything by shouting (kinda like Dovahkiin I guess ). He uses bardic music by shouting, he casts by shouting (or whispering in a couple cases), he uses maneuvers by shouting, he shouts whenever he attacks. Well, he can also sing, make speeches and spin his sword in a fancy manner, but the most distinguished part is the shouting.

    He was reserved for relatively simple battles, since he didn't really have the patience or proper mindset required to lead stealthy maneuvers, but was a tremendous fighter and commander. After some so-far-unspecified incident, he was kicked out. After some rough years of drinking and bar-brawling, he's decided to straighten up and look for a way to regain his fame.

    So while those pictures of yours give me more of a Lawful Good vibe, this guy would be more Chaotic Good. Closer to a barbarian than a paladin in both looks and character.
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