@Party (Other than Noru)
In the room now stand 5 humanoid figures:
One seems to be an Orc that is investigating his own chest. Another is a naked kobold, the third is a beautiful female human wearing full plate mail while wielding a shield, the fourth is a female gnome standing in a box that is even more beautiful than the human, the gnome not the box, and the last one is another human female wielding two short bladed weapons.

Looking under your breastplate you donít see anything that may cause the burning sensation on your chest.

As you teleport out of the box, you realize that the wall you teleported to was actually a ceiling. You take 6 points of damage as you fall 20 ft. to the ground, landing on your back, crushing the box that you were just in. Looking around you see a room that has no special features other than a single door, a few hanging torches that provide some light, and 4 other humanoid figures about the room.

You open up the box and stand up. As you try to recollect what has happened to you, the last thing that you remember is meeting with a group of people for something relating to the Planar Invasion.

Upon knocking on the box you hear someone talking to someone named Vincent. "Small box.... Vincent has it finally happened? No, you are correct, entirely the wrong dimensions for a coffin. And..Yes.. air on the other side, most troubling. So then Vincent, via what means shall we extricate our persons from this box?" Then you hear knocking coming from inside the box.

You hear someone knock on the box as you are talking with Vincent.