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    A humanoid figure of roughly five feet in height stands calmly among the splintering wreckage of the wooden crate. The figure is bound head to toe in immaculate white linen bandages save for a pair of black cloth pants, a pair of silver eyes, and a pair of heavily scarred pointed ears.

    In its right hand it holds a polished white humanoid skull (sans lower jaw).

    The figure brushes some pulverized wood from its shoulder with its free hand and speaks, in a decidedly masculine voice, "Serendipitous." .

    He then turns to regard those present in the room in equal measure before responding to the question asked, plainly and calmly, "Apologies madame, I lack the information you desire."

    He holds aloft the skull and addresses it, "Vincent, perchance you understand this predicament better than I?", he pauses, "I see..." he turns to regard Gale once more "Nor does my companion. But alas, strange company is no excuse for ill manners. Introductions are in order. I am Noru of nowhere." He bows ceremoniously, and briefly, retrieving a backpack, quiver, and bow from the ground near his feet and slinging them over one shoulder as he rises.

    "Would it so happen that any of you have seen a piece of parchment lying about, rolled, golden embroidery, red lettering?"
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