There is someone who doesn't mind losing his time with unnecessary words, Bleerie thinks. Her short figure is very unusual: gnomes in full armor are rare. Her armor, in particular, is worn and has more than one dent in it, as does her shield. Still, they seem to be extremely well crafted and a good eye could spot a faint glow on them. The only skin emerging from the bulk of metal is her head. Bleerie is dark-skinned, with short thick black hair. In this dark face, her bright green eyes and her white teeth shine and contrast a lot. Her face, very beautiful for a gnome, is marked by several lines; some of them wrinkles, some of them scars. It's the face of a savage who lived to see more days than normal.

"Mister Noru, nice to meet you too. No parchment in sight. Is it important enough for you to postpone some information gathering? I bet we are in some kind of warehouse, and I want to discover where it is. Where we are. Like, right now."