The tall woman in the unscarred silver armor seemed almost unprepared for anything, until you look into her blue eyes. There, you see a well of anger, and determination that has never met its match. Her skin is tan, and her mid-length hair is black, although it looks a bit wild. She seems worried, but about what, you don't know.

Talking to skulls... kinda creepy. Still, I don't think he is a threat, so he can be as crazy as he wants to be. The gnome seems to be rather friendly, but is heavily armored. Who knows.

"Greetings, Bleerie and Noru, I am Gale. I am afraid that I have not seen any parchment lying around, but I am not very observant either. Bleerie, as far as finding out where we are, we should go through the door the orc went for."