Yeah. I thought the Sith trained people who knew what they were doing.

Killing your specialists every time they fail you makes experience gain somewhat difficult for them.

Heh. Point.


Grace smiled at Kaz's remarks, warmed by the girl's remarks.

"Eh, this is nothing. Amateur work at best, probably more concerned with drawing lewd pictures than anything else, the morons." She chuckled. "As my sister used to say; if lasers were brains, they couldn't melt a block of hydrogen." She moved across the room, retrieving the few things that had remained intact. A few holos, a datapad with a dramatised version of the Rebel Alliance's rise from obscurity to its defeat of Palpatine at Endor. And, somehow, one or two pieces of old, hand-made jewelry that she had never thought to see again and were still intact.

I guess Naomi wasn't kidding when she said it would last for a thousand years...

Figures. Trust her to work out a way to 'paint' transparisteel onto jewelry in the middle of a war.

Hey, you can't say those sprayers weren't effective at Fourth Fondor.

Shut up you.

Placing the small collection of knick-knacks on the desk - only intact and still where it is due to being made of durasteel and built into both the floor and the wall - she taps a short sequence on the wall above it. She waits a moment, hand rested on the wall, and then smirks as a tell-tale vibration shivers up her arm.

"They didn't find what they were looking for. Now...let's see if Master Sheant left what I think she did." Grace lays the glow rod on the desk, fixing her gaze on a particular spot in the wall. She draws her vibrosword, thumbs it on and brings the gently humming blade back. "I am justice. I am the shield. My sword sheds only the blood of those who would seek to break me." She snaps the weapon forward, bringing its humming tip to a stop right at the focus of her gaze.

There is a pause, almost infintesimal, and then a soft computerised voice speaks.

"Voiceprint accepted."

A thick section of the wall slides away, revealing a well hidden volume of space behind it. Grace retrieves her glow rod, and peers in.

They'll be a few bits and pieces of memorabilia, possibly a few power packs and a spare blaster and - if you'll allow it - a datapad with the real history of the galaxy on it. Grace was a warrior, yes, but she believed in holding on to the past.