Interesting comic. I'm going to avoid the current discussion about suspension of disbelief, and just note that I found the drow innuendo fairly amusing and good as a joke.

I really liked some of the effects in this comic. the image of the spinning axe, the way that Nale clearly looks like a sack of potatoes draped over a shoulder, even in stick art, and Roy's various sword poses have all been really good. By the way, I wonder if the whumwhumwhum sound effect implies that the axe is magically thrumming in some way, or if it's just supposed to be a spinning sound?

I'm not sure how much healing Tarquin has access to at the moment. Malack isn't with them. While I suspect Tarquin has plenty of healing potions or effects for himself, I'm not so sure that he'll share them with Nale, as opposed to allowing events to continue and waking Nale up later.

I also imagine that Malack alone meeting the order would not end up in a fight. He would chat with Durkon, explain that he doesn't care about what the rest of the Linear Guild is doing and has no desire to fight the Order, and probably part ways amicably.