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Thread: The Twisted Dungeon of Chaos [IC2]

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    Armun grabs the handle to open the door, but as he does a needle stabs out of it into the palm of his hand, making him feel slightly weak and drowsy.

    Opening the door reveals a large, mostly rectangular room, stretching 45' away in front of you and 25' to the right. The door you are in stands in one corner of the room. In the exact opposite corner is a walled off section, approx 5'x5', with a door on both walls into it. Along the wall to the right there is an archway leading into another room that you can't make out from here


    Door to the top left leads to where you are


    Attack: (1d20+17)[30] vs 27
    Fort saves: (1d20+10)[12] vs 14, (1d20+10)[20] vs 14

    1 Temporary Constitution damage, no other effects
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