Merla curses as she witnesses Armund stabbed by the needle.

"That looks nasty. If you can't fight it off, I'll neutralize it when I pray for spells later."

She extends a hand before her and flexes her fingers, intoning words in a strange dark tongue. Her hand suddenly begins to jerk and twist spasmodically. With a sudden wrench, her wrist dislocates itself, and then with a sickening tearing sound the hand pulls itself free from her arm and drops onto the ground. The hand continues to writhe around, turning black and withered and spouting three other fingers from its ragged base, which narrow into legs. In seconds, it has swelled and changed into a three-foot wide spider.

The spider scurries across the center of the room, towards the doors. It pauses as it passes the archway, peering through it to check it's clear.

Casting Spider Hand. Passing the archway and looking through it before heading towards the door. Has Darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 60 ft.