Harnel nods, "Twins, a boy and a girl. Cora was a name Cessie came up with, but the boy is named Bastion, after my father. Bastion has Cessie's eyes, except slitted like mine. She's got a tail, red scales. She's very inquisitive, and tries to touch everything around her. Or, sometimes, put it in her mouth. we're trying to keep her from doing that too much." He chuckles, "Bastion is a fat baby, the sort that have to roll around because they can't really crawl anywhere. He's got wings like I do, and a tail as well. golden eyes, like mine, and, once again, red scales. He's also extremely grumpy all the time. I'm fairly certain they'll grow into this sort of thing, but yeah, They look distinctly human with non-human traits. Even I look more like a dragon than they do, honestly, which probably isn't surprising."