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    I'm just posting to mention that I don't find Tarquin's knowledge of drow sign language in any way a strain on my suspension of disbelief. In fact, quite the opposite: Tarquin has had decades to plan and prepare for significant battles. It's not merely completely reasonable for him to have a vast array of weapons, powers, tools and tricks at his disposal - it'd be downright preposterous for him to not.

    To put it another way - consider what your D&D character would do in their spare time if they were in Tarquin's position - a lot of political scheming and noncombat encounters, months or years going by without a major battle, but the constant assurance of more fighting down the road. (Plus, the resources of an entire empire at your disposal.) If you're at all like me, you'd spend your extra time building dozens of contingency plans, crafting/buying really good, multipurpose magic items, and generally making sure you're prepared for whatever the world will throw at you next.
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