Amy realized she was in another room, but definately in the same building. The sound of the music was downstairs, so she was definately on a higher floor than Danielle. She could also hear the faint tapping of a shoe. Someone was waiting for her right outside the door.


Rogan listened. All his response was, was to nod, and then give her options. "Very well, Claire. You may either take Victor's truck, or you can have him drive you. Meet me at central park in three hours." He stood up, and left.

Victor was standing there, cutting up some food. She could tell he noticed her, but was making a point not to look at her. It seemed more out of fear than disrespect. No one else was in the room. It still smelled something foul and ripe inside.


Flat Face snorted. He looked down at the dead man. "Hey, buddy, the lady asked a question." He took hold of the dead man's jaw, making it move up a down as if it were a puppet. "I'm dead because I'm an unlucky bastard who made a rude comment to my good buddy Flat Face. So I got to be your breakfast instead of the homeless shmuck. Ain't that something?" Flat Face kicked the chair, letting him roll onto the floor. "When you get your fill, we'll leave."


When she stepped out, a couple office employees passed her. They didn't seem phased with her presence, going about her work. Byron was quickly at her though, walking quickly down the hall. He seemed far less fresh this time, likely he hadn't slept all day. "I hope your sleep went well Ms. Lee. Mr. Kirsch is still resting, but he should be up shortly. He wished to meet you in his study again, if it was favorable to you."


As Faruq left the room, he could see Flockton below, giving orders to men as they moved boxes around, and loaded them onto the trucks to be distributed further into mainland America. He looked up and saw Faruq. It was too far away to say anything without shouting, but he looked a moment longer than necessary to show Faruq he had seen him, and continued talking to the workers.


"Well, Rick," she said his name playfully, "You'll get to see some of the Chantry. You'll also get to meet the other Tremere in the city. She was a bit too busy to attend the meeting. I think the head boss already has a job for you, and he'll tell you on it. Oh, and you get to select what path to take, what kind of magic on top of the basics to research."