She coughs up water before rolling over on her side, It's Panty! Stocking's the larda**.

She slowly starts to focus on the lady, her eyes blinking rapidly as she reads the runes. It's been a long time since she last saw them. It's....odd. For the briefest moment, her eyes start to tear up at the carved flesh.

It's been so long since she's seen them. Seen anything to remind her of who she was. Before being sent down, she hadn't counted days. Barely known what days were, in the face of eternity. But now, she felt every second. Every second meant something, time meant something. She'd wake up and have to focus on remembering what she was. Remember she wasn't human. She'd never needed to before, but Earth was....was something else. Different.

She wanted to ask where the women had gotten those runes. She wanted to know who she was, why she had them, who Valetine was- it was Angelic, it mattered.

The f*** happened to you?

She briefly looks at herself in the mirror. She was effectively nude, just undergarments and her stockings. She looked like her tramp of a sister. Or maybe Corset's trampy underlings. Either way, it wasn't how she'd like to be presented.

She looks at the book for a moment. She'd fallen. She really had- oh, her wings still shown white and she could still wield an angel's blades...but that was this foul book's magic and a coin's clever lie. She was fallen in her heart. She grabs it, keeping it close as if she needed it, as if Michael or Uriel would appear if she let it go. Normally, what she was didn't hit so hard...but, deep in her wings, she felt something stirring. Her disguise...wouldn't hold if an Archangel saw her. Not even with the book. But they wouldn't ever come to her. Right?

She needed to get to Atticus and Corset.

Sebastian sits down, acting scared. Guns. Mortal toys- impressive ones, he was happy to admit. He liked mortals, and continued to be amused by what they cooked up. But ordinary handguns were no more threatening to him than was ash or dust.

Ahhhh, yes, but I haven't been here long. You see, my daughter is missing, and I thought Mr.Black might know her location.

He clams himself up here, attempting to look uncomfortable- not greatly so, as if he was afraid for 'his daughter' but not overly concerned. Just a runaway, no great danger.