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How do people do the Action Replay "press 3 buttons to have x party" codes, then? Everyone goes through all of that!?! Jesus...
Well, those are Action Replay codes. For those, they typically use an Action Replay, and, uh... There... Wouldn't really be a point to playing on the computer via emulator? You'd just add the code to the Action Replay and load the cheat on your real game from the get-go, no need to bother restoring a dumped save file.*

I know off the top of my head that there's like, five different types of Action Replays for the DS line of systems, most of which aren't in production anymore so you'd be buying old or used merchandise, and each one is in its own state of support and some of them are blocked by firmware. There's one or two Action Replays that can copy save files to a microSD card so they can be copied to a computer, but I'm pretty certain those are blocked by HG/SS and every Pokemon game onwards. Those also use their own save format, and while it's easy to find out how to convert those save files, it's also silly in the first place to even have that problem.

*Caveat emptor and all that, it can actually be pretty easy to end up with some Bad Eggs or lose some save information if you mess up putting the code in or use a code incorrectly.