The callousness hit her hard, not because it was new to her but because it was something she could see in herself, she had threatened people at school and acted on the threats as she felt appropriate.
Flat not Flak she noticed this time.

Still she ignored all of that "I have a bloody vampire hunter after me", she spoke through gritted teeth, "a man that seems to have tracked my idiot bastard of a sire through body count", pausing for what should have naturally been a breath "and you think that the best way to teach me is to start leaving a trial for him".

She pointed at the body, "homeless or not he will likely have people wondering where he got to, maybe police if he was an source or a friend of a source, maybe drug gangs ... maybe anyone that could give us away to the hunter", logic might work where emotion failed, "I don't mind the thought of having to kill" the lie obvious "but only if it is absolutely necessary" this was more true she would do what she had to.

Still the death would be entirely pointless if she didn't drink, she approached the body with the knife wondering where to cut to get blood "what is the normal way of getting blood out", she also examined the body for signs of disease or likely disease.


Medicine Check: (3d10)[10][3][1](14)