Byron led her to the study, the same out of place room where she had been dominate, where she had seen Faruq's bloody death at the hands of a partially unclothed Melanie via video, and where she had died.

The book was different this time. This time it was a leather bound book. It was titled "History of the Camarilla, Volume I". It was thick, like an encyclopedia. She had less than a minute before Josef entered the room.

"Byron, you are excused. Rest, I will need you during the daytime tomorrow."

"My liege." Byron gave a medium bow and left.

Without expression, Josef turned to Erica. "Do you have any questions you would like answered before we begin?"


The best Amy could find was a broken toaster. The two chair at the table were two large, and nothing else seemed to work. The room was sparse.

Roll for dexterity+stealth if she wishes to sneak up on the person. Roll perception+empathy to get a better idea of who is outside.


Rick is led through a few hallways. They are plain, and lit by dim lights. Finally, they approach a pair of iron doors. Chase places her hand on it, and the doors instinctively open. On the other side is a library. It's not large or grand, but the hairs on the back of Rick's neck stand on end. He feels multiple presences in the room. It's an unnerving feeling. Quenton is sitting in a chair, wearing a pair of thin glasses, and reading a fashion magazine. At seeing Rick, he smiles and casually tosses his reading material behind him.

"There's my childer. All right, Henry'll see you in a little bit. Before then, you want to take a look at the different lores we have, or you want to meet Venice?"


The man seemed healthy save for a case of the broken neck. Flat Face shrugged at Danielle's comments. He reached into his pocket. He threw the object towards Danielle, a driver's license. "Already gave the info to Donovon. She'll handle the clean up. Now drink up. I'm supposed to bring you on a tour of the city, don't need to waste time hunting live prey this time."