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A quick question about soloing; a friend of mine has taken interest in guildwars 2, so i let him try out a character(human elementalist) so he could see if he liked the game, but, he did have a little bit of trouble playing one, he kept dying on level 1 quests, and wasn't able to get past level 2(then again, he tried it out after a long workday on a day he only got 5 hours of sleep, so he may have been extra tried when he tried it out).
Anyone have ideas for a class I could recommend to him for soloing?, Until now the only mmo he's played has been wow, where he usually plays(all of these are level 85 characters, except the druid which is level 81) either an arcane mage, a tank/healer druid, or a beast master hunter, he also has a level 85 combat rogue, but he doesn't play that one as often.
Also, do you think the guildwars 2 quest system would be a little bit too open for him?, He's used to wow where there are quest giver npcs, but he does do a lot of dungeons.
Hmm, you probably shouldn't be dying at first level. Make sure your friend is using all his abilities? Also, never underestimate the power of running away, however cowardly it may seem! I think all the classes can solo their way through the content, though I think Engineer and Mesmer (warning: high skill floor, extremely high skill cap) may have it a bit easier time, since they have turrets and illusions to tank enemy mobs with.

As for the quest system, it really isn't all that different from WoW. Rather than talking to a questgiver, you just go to the area and the quest pops up in the log (which saves a step, and makes sure you don't waste any progress on a quest). On top of that, there are the spawned events, which really isn't all that different from WoW's phasing system (a good comparison might be how the Death Knight quest line worked out in the beginning, only everybody is in the same phase). As for the actual quests, it's basically the same "kill X mob, pick up Y item" and so on.

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I just came across wizard's keif(a town on some cliffs, by a coast, in a level 15-20 human zone, it's inhabited by elementals and has a vista on the cliffs, and a skill point for fighting a fire elemental), is there any way to reach the giant, flying castle in the water near it?, From what I've seen so far, it doesn't seem to farfetched that it could be reached.
Yeah I've been there too. I don't think there is currently a way up there, but I could be wrong.