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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmerask View Post
    Mesmer is soso solo I heard, the illusions die extremely fast.

    Overall I think as you said Engineer is very good solo but the best class for that would be the ranger with a tank pet in my opinion
    I'm currently a level 30 ranger. Soloing is... well, there are some challenging bits, but yeah pretty easy so far. Overall though, this isn't an especially hard game.

    As for the pet... I feel like my pet is a squishball (I've tried every pet type). It contributes little to no damage, and if I use anything less than a boar/bear/drake, it just folds so quickly I shouldn't have even bothered. I've currently settled on using Snow Owl and Snow Leopard, since they can apply slows on their attacks (easier to kite enemies that way). I mean, as far as my pet is concerned, I only use the Owl as my primary because it gives me a 30% movement speed buff...
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