Sabrina had remained quiet through out the discussion, a small smile stuck on her face. The Doctor is right, to a degree. I am glad the recruiters are comptent enough to find those with conviction, skill and a mental awarness. Indicating Donny, Aidan and Vladmir in turn. Donny, I am afriad you are mistaken in one aspect. We have been at war, for quite some time actually. Before the riots. It was a dirty, secret war. And it was getting both sides no where. We have... ways of predicting events like the conference. We saw that the conference would start the public war and we knew we needed soldiers. But a common foot soldier can only do so much. So, the higher ups decided to start creating small teams. Highly mobile and independent. Not bogged down with rank and orders. A team who can complete sensitive tasks quickly, discreetly and act independently without needing constant guidance. And it seems the recruiter's have found a good batch with you 5.