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the dusts are useful?, how valuable are they?, I've jsut been vendering it until now(it does remind me, is there any sort of aution house/broker/trading psot system in guildwars?, and is there any form of bank?)
Weaponsmithing uses dust for sharpening stones, a stat+ consumable item family. Not sure about crafting levels above ~100 or other disciplines, though.

There is an auction house, but it's currently down for maintenance due to ... overloading? Abuse? Not sure, to be honest. Anet said they rolled it out to a "rotating 50% of players" yesterday, so it should be back soon.

You can access your personal bank from a banker NPC (in the home cities) or any crafting station. You can access the guild bank ("stash") from the proper NPC in a home city so long as you have permissions to do so.