Finally got to do the first dungeon (Ascalonian Catacombs). It was pleasant enough. You still have people standing in giant obvious blue/green/purple flaming clouds of circular doom until they keel over, and immediately shouting "rezz pls" (and occasionally someone actually runs over to heal them, and then immediately dies to the huge obvious flaming circle of doom as well).

But I guess that's just MMOs. I was pleased with how much of a difference dodging, line-of-sighting, and plain situational awareness made, this being the first dungeon and all (it's a step up from Deadmines, shall we say), and I look forward to doing it again with some more competent folk (even with the lady who refused to wear any armor, and the dudes who refused to not stand in the fire, I still managed to make a profit in both monies and xp, so competence should make the haul astounding).