She looked at the licence carefully, so I got to be your breakfast instead of the homeless shmuck, she had assumed that Flat Face had been referring to the fate of the man, now she was not to sure that he hadn't meant that this guy had died instead of a homeless person.

She glared at Flat Face, he was a killer and unemotional about it ... Al had mentioned about getting used to death and this man certainly was, she wanted to fight him make him weak show him that he couldn't get away with this kind of thing ... but she didn't it would likely be pointless and even if she managed to win well nothing would change.

She examined the body again, a clean break so either fast on someone relaxed or pure brute strength, neither was something she felt she would be able to manage with any consistency if it came to that.

She bent over the body and started poking it gently with the knife to find where to make a cut before freezing ... she was a predator, this was prey, she was hungry and she was over-thinking it.

Stepping back she re-examined the body for where felt natural she could now feel her teeth grow her incisors getting longer and moved towards the man's neck at the shoulder where she let nature take its course.

The blood felt good, life giving and sweet, but also cold, she found herself savouring the taste noticing the changes in the blood at first where it would have been at the surface to when she was drinking from blood that should have been deeper.

Finally having her fill she, pulled back and realising what she had done jerked back looking at the corpse horror in her eyes for a brief instant before she she started to control herself.

Ignore emotion, just be cold about it, this was life the man had died for her dinner, like a cow or sheep, the killer was nothing more then providing a breakfast for her, it will be easier this way.

She stood slowly smoothing her clothes and turned to Flat Face, "I apologize I misheard your name last night and refereed to you as Flak rather then Flat, further I should thank you for providing me a breakfast that avoiding me having to personally murder anyone this night", she nodded her head almost imperceptible to show this thanks, learn what you need to then do things your way, that was what school, fighting and life in general had thought her and she could act on it now.

"I would like a change of clothes and a shower, but I am guessing that my wants can be dealt with on my own time, what do you need to teach me so that I can stop being a burden on you", she figured it would be how to avoid breaking the traditions, how far she could skirt them, how to get food, how to cover up after herself, how to survive, and maybe some politics ... but she was mentally prepared for some surprises.

She couldn't help but feel better now that she had fed even as she couldn't stop herself from continuously glancing at the corpse's eyes and suppressing a shudder at what her life was now.