Upon reaching the room where the Orc and robed human are in, your eye catches a window that looks like a view of an outside area.


You get the sense that the torches are magical, by not from the effects of a spell, they seem as if they were just willed into existence.


You hear voices coming from the other room, upon entering it you seen an ordinary looking human male, cloaked in a white cloth, which lightly drapes over most of his body leaving the left side of his torso and left shoulder uncovered.


The man cloaked in white takes a step towards Gale. Slowly raising his arm, and pointing at Gale, “you specifically were put here by Mystra,” pointing at the Orc “Krgg by Gruumsh,” then pointing at the Grey Elf holding the skull “Noru by Boccob,” redirecting his point down towards the Gnome “Bleerie by Oghma,” putting his hand down his then stares at the kobold “Zipxap by Bahamut,” then he looks into the other room “Serdra by Lathander.”

“As for where you are, the name of this place doesn’t translate into any language that you lot understand, or ever could. But that’s not important.”

“I go by many names, but you may call me Alexander. As for the burning on your chests, you will get used to it. It is the mark that was given to you when you were brought back.”

Alexander puts his right hand over his heart, a brilliant light begins shining through the man’s hand. As he puts his hand back down to his side there is a deep red shining light coming from his torso, on the area above his heart. The light then begins to take a shape, it is a deep red beautiful phoenix.

“This is my mark, all of you have a mark as well that is activated in the same way.”