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    Default Re: General WoD Discussion #2: Its time to Celebrate!

    Wondering if anyone has opinions on this particular example of a six-dot Majesty power for an NPC.

    Dies Irae
    Cost: 1 willpower per scene
    Dice pool: --
    Action: Instant
    The user's Majesty inspires and bolsters the masses, whipping them into a frenzy of violence. This power does not itself grant influence over the subjects; they must already respect the user's commands through normal or supernatural means, and the user must verbally address them to activate this power. The lord directs his subjects toward a goal, and they begin to pursue it with all of their might. Only mortals may be affected by this power.

    The affected are inspired to fight with utter disregard for their own safety, ignoring all wound penalties and gaining bonus dice on all resistance rolls against mental influence equal to the user's Majesty. They may also use the Kindred's Majesty dots in place of any dice pool used to attack if it exceeds their normal dice pool.

    This power lasts for one scene, or approximately one hour, and may affect a total number of mortals equal to the user's Majesty dots squared.
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