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Thread: PTA: Heralds of a New Dawn (IC)

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    Sabrina nods. Good to hear. Shortly, the limo pulls to a stop on a large swath of asphalt. A little ways away, engines roaring, is a small jet. On the tail, where the normal markers desinating ownership are, is completly blank.

    The butler escorts the 6 of you to the plane's interior, Sabrina only stumbling once. A fact she is quite proud of, easly shown on her face. The interior is lavishly furnished, with Tauros skin seats Cottonee stuffed pillows and blanks woven of the finest Gavuntula silk. Take a load off. We have a few hours till we reach our final destination.

    As you get comfortable, the butler walks around and retrieves each of your Pokdexi and takes them into the cockpit. He returns 10 minutes later. Each dex pings 15 times, with information on the your pokemon and the others with you. A quick look shows all other data on the dex has been erased.

    You can continue to RP and ask Sabrina questions. Or we can skip to your final destination.
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