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    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Phoenixineohp
    Race: Half Elf, half Phoenix (Phoenix species is homebrew)
    Class: Known as a Sorceress, perhaps there is more to be discovered. A rather high level.
    Alignment: True Neutral. Has appeared mostly Chaotic Good while in town.
    Temperament: Tends to be happy, cheerful and friendly. However she does have quite the temper as a few things tend to push her buttons.
    Age: Old for an Elf, somewhat young for a Phoenix. She has never said a number but looks similar to a 28 year old human.
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 120, slim build but strong.
    Hair: Her red hair falls down her back.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Skin: Very pale white.
    Wings: 5 foot wings that are comprised of red feathers. 10 foot wingspan.
    Weapons: Magic and a known dagger user. Others may not have come out yet.
    Familiar: Asher, who is usually around her neck but appears to be a necklace.
    Common appearance: She wears a black shirt, black pants and a pair of belts crossed across her waist. She has red shoes and wears her hair down. She has one silver ring on her right hand.

    Very little is known about her before she came to the town. She has said that she has a Phoenix and and an Elf as parents and that her culture is very strong. She was raised by her parents and community and has spent a lot of time adventuring. She seems to be familiar with several planes and knows Ravenloft rather well. She keeps at least one home outside of town (and off the boards).

    [Common Knowledge]
    - She has been around the town since the first milk bar but spent a few months away in Ravenloft.
    - She has a great affinity for fire and can sometimes be seen covered in flames that do not damage her or anything on her.
    - She does not worship or align with any of the God's or temples in town.
    - Kyrian and Phoenixineohp have had an odd relationship for quite some time. It was romantic at one point but things are complicated.
    - She seems to have quite a thing for Atreyu. She has saved his fur a few times. They are now openly together in a relationship.
    - She has a spell that seems to heal, restore and rejuvenate people. She has used it frequently (especially on Atreyu) though not much is known about it. It does seem to wear her out though.
    - It has been said that she doesn't deal well with death. This is a little odd as she is also known to use necromancy spells.
    - She has been known to shapeshift.
    - She often teleports places.
    - She is also an 'interesting' drunk.
    - Her mother has appeared in town twice.

    - Her name is Phoenixineohp, and it is Phoenix forwards and backwards, rotating around the 'x'. A palindrome. It can also be typed as Pxp for ease. However, it is still thought to be pronounced the whole way through. Please don't call her Phoenix, as that gets confusing with another character.

    [Known Possessions]
    She wears two belts that have various things attached, including may bags of holding.
    - She has numerous daggers that are made of different substances.
    - She never seems to have issues with money.

    [Ongoing Story Lines]
    - She has been dealing with her teachings and culture vs. her choices for quite a while now.
    - She has been trying to figure out her feelings for Atreyu for a very long time. Recently her mother came by to talk to them. Apparently she approves of a choice that Phoenixineohp is going to make. Later on Phoenixineohp finally realized that she loved Atreyu, and on Valentines Day told him so after channeling her feeling for him to him.
    - She has brought her friend Phoenix over from Ravenloft to visit the town.

    [Stats and Description]

    Species: Coral snake
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Temperament: Very loyal and loving. However, he tends to speak his mind and has sharp views of people sometimes.
    Colour: Red, yellow and black.
    Length: About 3 feet long.
    Usual appearance: Coiled around Phoenixineohp's neck, looking like a necklace.
    Weapons: Natural venom and shared spells with Phoenixineohp.

    [Common Knowledge]
    He quite likes and respects Atreyu.
    - People's actions tend to determine his views on them.
    - Phoenixineohp does consult him for advice and help. She has also trusted him to 'babysit' for some of the others.

    [Stats and Description]

    Species:Half Common Bird, Half Phoenix
    Alignemt: Unknown
    Temperment: Very happy, friendly, and playful. Generally she is carefree though she is very protective of people she likes.
    Size: Tiny
    Colour: Red with yellow feet and beak.
    Age: A middle aged bird, very young Phoenix
    Weapons: Natural abilities

    [Common Knowledge]
    She came to the town after being asked by Phoenixineohp to look after Atreyu while she was away.
    - Seems to have the same healing, restoring and rejuvenating spell as Phoenixineohp.
    - Really enjoys drinking and food.
    - She does not talk at all. She makes bird noises but no other forms of communication will work with her. Not even spells. This does not mean that she isn't smart though. She often will try very hard to communicate even a small point or message.

    [Stats and Description]

    Race: Unknown though she appears to be part elf.
    Class: Known as a Sorceress. Rather high level.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Temperment: Not completely known yet. Seems to be all over the map.
    Age: Unknown. She appears to be similar in age to Phoenixineohp.
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 120 in all the right places.
    Hair: Her red hair falls down her back.
    Eyes: Varying degrees of red. She has black dripping scars running down her cheeks from her eyes.
    Skin: Usually a very pale white. However it has changed to be rather red before.
    Wings: She has 5 foot wings made of fire. These seems to combust whatever they touch if she is not careful. However they are not visible all the time as she can retract them into her body.
    Weapons: Magic and perhaps other things. She used a 20 foot whip made out of fire the first time she was seen in the town.
    Familiar: Sirius. He has visited her in town but has been staying in Ravenloft.
    Common apparence: She wears a black dress with red stitching. She often has a large black cloak with her and usually wears it with the hood up. She has a few bags of holding attached to her dress and wears black shoes. She always has a necklace on that has two rings strung on it. She sometimes carries a black carved cane with her.

    [Backstory and Common Knowledge]
    - Besides Phoenixineohp or Sirius who know her quite well, only Fenix and Aesa have really heard anything about her or her past.
    - She recently came to town to see what Phoenixnieohp kept talking about. She is from Ravenloft and finds the town to be a very different and new experience.
    - She was supposed to only stay for a quick visit, but she enjoys the open nature of the town and has started a relationship with Fenix. However, she still goes back to Ravenloft frequently.
    - She has a great affinity for fire and can cover herself in flame just like Phoenixineohp.
    - She also uses many necromancy spells.
    - She has some succubus in her. When she first got to town she had an encounter with Kyrian that apparently was to teach him a lesson as well as her seeking justice for Phoenixineohp. Since then they have been civil and nice to each other.
    - She can shapeshift and often teleports places.
    - She has a large marking on her back that takes the shape of an abstract bird. It is coloured red and looks like it has been carved into place.
    - Is dealing with issues surrounding a war in Ravenloft, her role in the war and her Sire's role. There seem to be complex issues involving her Sire.
    - Has also spoken of Vistani and a Wolf like Tribe that she is fighting.
    - After deciding to stay in Town with Fenix, her Sire punished her by torching her with a destructive fire. She is unable to use magic to heal her wounds and Pxp's hand was burned when she tried to help. Sirius was also burned. She is slowly recovering but is covered head to toe in burn scars. To hide this fact she has a constant spell up to appear how she wants.
    Other Known Appearances:

    [Stats and Description]

    Species: Golden Eagle
    Alignment: Unknown
    Temperment: Unknown
    Weapons: Unknown

    - Very few people have seen him so far.
    - He appears to be a very proper, loving familiar.
    - Like Phoenix he was burned by her Sire and left covered in burn scars. Phoenix uses the same spell on him as she does on her to make him appear like he used to. His actual feathers are slowly growing in to cover the scars.

    [Stats and Description]

    Referred to as "The little one"
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment: Unknown
    Temperment: Mostly unknown but appears very playful.
    Weapons: Unknown

    - Phoenixineohp accepted a dragon egg and promised to raise the dragon inside. Shortly after it hatched and has begun to grow and develop under her watch.
    - Atreyu is a parental figure to the little one.
    - Asher or Sirius will occasionally babysit the little one and Peck.
    - Is still very young and small. He has yet to learn how to speak but it working on flying.
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