No Dragon Masters that I know of. Maybe an intiate, the rare defector from the Dragon Clan or two. Proffessor Elm is on our side, though he doesn't like the word getting out. Quite a few Gym Leaders support us, if not publicly. You can look at the personell files when we reach Seiga- Sabrina's words are cut off as the cabin shutters and the lights flicker. The low groan of metal stretching is heard from all around you.

Muk. Muk. MUK! Everyone, bow your heads and pray! Pamphlets float into everyone's lap, consisting of a Stratonian prayer. Sabrina promptly bows, and begins to recite the prayer.

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Oh Great Dragon of the Sky, ruler of the Realm Above. Please grant us safe passage through your domian, for we are humble visitors in your majesty. We honor your power and your freedom. We shall disturb you no more, for your grace has been placed upon our travel through your most divine kingdom.