Panty, Beast and Smedry

"Valentine bound me. They were afraid I'd take back the Sword or bring more Fae here to challenge him and his new regime." The Lady sighs.

"What brings you here twenty years too late? With a child of the atom and Seraphim in tow?"



You enter the office and find Atticuss already in conference with Corset through his mirror. He turns to see and is visibly disappointed that you found yourself some clothes.

Corset nods towards the Guidance Counselor. "Tell her what you told me."

"Of course master." Atticuss says with a little mocking bow. "Your job is now to capture the girl named Bella Swan. I don't know much about her but I do know that she is some kind of anti-magic weapon that has Death spooked. Yes, Death as in the very concept of the end of life. It is worried about her. We can't let something like that slip away from our grasp."



"Well you are out of luck then." The man in the Wheelchair says.



"Well actually he is a good man. That's why he's getting sent to be a hall monitor on steroids instead of leading a campaign in the Middle East." Dr. Rosen admits.

"That said despite is morality he plays things a lot more dangerously than we usually do. If you don't feel comfortable with anything he wants you to do call me. I can get you out."


Shirou, Harry, Touma and Kidd

As Harry approaches the scene of the now over riot he sees the other two magi arguing.

"Fine. No more games. If you can still use my wand then you still got enough magic to keep your Servant in line. You'll be up to full strength in a day or two. I'll give you until then but then my brothers are getting their magic back."