Mike was his normal, ugly self. He blinked at first, and looked at the blender. "Okay." As Amy kept talking he forgot about it. "Yeah, Flat Face and I talked about it and thought it better to split you and the Clanless up. We have... very different teaching styles. So, why don't we step out for a bit? There's a few other safe places for us in the city, a few a lot nicer than this place. What do you say?" He reached his hand out.


Josef Kirsch waiting. Nothing happened. He nodded. "I see. So you do not posess the power of presence yet. A most useful talent, but one not necessary at this point." He snapped his fingers loudly. A young woman entered the room, head bowed low. She was wearing a grey business suit. Thin, dark hair, a little shy of pretty.

"Erica, look this woman in the eye and command her. Will her to do something, whatever you wish."


Two successes, and one temporary willpower spent.

The details were lost on Rick, but he understood the grasp of what each lore was about, especially the path of blood. It started with understanding 'vitae' which Rick deduced was a term for kindred blood. It went to the point of destroying that same blood by force of will.

As for the others, Rick understood the basics of what each did. Lure of Flames was creating artificial fire, hands of destruction was withering both object and flesh, etc. As stated, the Path of Blood was already decided for him, as apparently it was the first path of the Tremere. To what would be his other path, was up to him.


Flat Face laughed in approval. "Not bad at all Caitiff." Get your shower, dust off your clothes, I'll be waiting at the front. Think there's still a working shower a few rooms away." He looked at his watch, a watch he didn't have yesterday. "When you're ready, we'll pay the fish a visit.