Erica knew what this was; she'd been subjected to the same only a day earlier. She recalled that while it was not uncomfortable, once the moment had passed, she realized just how helpless she had been. Erica steadied her breath, and decided to model her attempt on what Josef had done to her.

"No matter what I say, I want you to remain perfectly motionless, is that clear?" she asked.

After waiting for an answer, Erica looked the girl in the eye, and 'pushed' with her willpower as she spoke.

"Put your hand on your head,"
"Stand on one leg,"
"Okay, stand normally again,"

As the girl quietly went through the motions, a growing sense of dread filled Erica's chest.

"Take off your shoes,"
"Lie down on your back,"

Erica shifted position to maintain eye contact, though her emotion was now clearly showing on her face.

"Okay, stand normally again. Put your shoes back on,"

"Now, tell me your deepest... no, you don't need to tell me that."

How can I make this poor girl spill her deepest desires, against her will? This is... scary.

"Don't tell anyone what happened in this room tonight, keep it a secret."

She glanced back to Josef, clearly frightened of what she was now capable of.