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One rule I have been considering is a miss/graze/hit/crit system.

With an attack you do not add your weapons damage to the attack roll, and you count only odd numbers of successes as damage on attack rolls. If you get no successes you miss. If you get one success you graze your target and they take a single wound. If get 2 or more successes you deal 1/2 your weapons damage rating (rounding up) in damage in addition to all successes. If you roll 4 successes the damage auto dealt by your weapon is upgraded to the next damage type. After that you simply deal more damage.

Grazes cannot fill the last box of any damage category (and thus you must score a solid hit to disable a target)

Combat would be much less lethal and characters who can keep foes unable to strike a solid hit can stay in fights much longer, so defense should become more viable.
So if I understand the system correctly, let's say I use a 2 damage brass knuckles to deal bashing damage, and my pool is 7.
I roll all 7 dice to attack, let's say I get 5 successes, so I would succeed in hitting and deal 4 (3 from odd successes and 1/2 weapon of 2) damage but because I got 4+ successes, the damage from the weapon is lethal, so I deal 3 bashing and 1 lethal?
If I had gotten exactly one success I would deal 1 bashing, and if I got 2 I would deal 3 bashing.