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    She hesitates, then withdraws, after gauging the approximate location of the dangerous mind. She can't risk something like that. She opens her mouth, then closes it. Then she weaves her soul into a shadowy fabric, making her hard to discern. The light rippled away from her, as though it were reluctant to come any closer.

    Hey, it was better than walking around naked.

    "There's someone you have to meet." She tells Zhuge Liang, then goes looking for Tim Drake. They were a team, and in the past she'd got into a lot of trouble trying to deal with things herself.

    Tim Drake
    Well, awkward was better than hating him. They had a thing, and it had been nice, but the two of them hadn't been overly compatible, so that was history. And yet, even six months later here they were barely able to string together a sentence around each other. He's about as lost at where to go as Cass, not that he says as much.

    "Thanks. It means a lot." He says, then pauses. "Anyway, I need you to meet a girl named Kallen. As either Spoiler or Batgirl. And I need you to pretend not to know me."

    He stands up and salutes Charlie smartly, his heels clicking together as he does. "Excellent, local law enforcement. I report all present and correct, sir, and the source has been contained and has worn off. Shouldn't have any further effect." It's not that he doesn't remember last night. He does. It's just that he fails to see that he did anything wrong, or even questionable.
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