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    Danielle left the room quickly after nodding her understanding, she was grateful do be away from the corpse, but pocketed the licence for possible use later, and placed the knife in a front pocket of her top in beside the zipper.

    In the third door she found the shower, it was in surprisingly good condition with a towel available, a shower curtain, a heater and even a mirror and comb ... sure it was dank and nobody had cleaned the room in a while allowing grime to build up but overall it was better then she expected.

    She stripped off quickly her clothes clinging to her from the sweat of her run the day, she turned on the shower and making a decision she knew she might regret later she tested the water and finding it warm she quickly washed her clothes under the water before squeezing the excess water from them and placing them on the heater ... they might be wet but at least they wouldn't be so unpleasant to wear.

    Finished with that she stepped in herself and quickly wiped the sweat off herself also, it was a quick shower with the only real care spent on her hair ... she wondered if it would grow back if she cut it ... with her luck with this whole vampire thing probably not, so better be careful with it.

    She could have got lost in her thoughts but she didn't want to have another breakdown or delay Flat Face any more, the shower was a kindness after all.

    Pulling the curtain back she combed her hair setting it straight and working out some kinks and tangles carefully, before picking up the still damp clothes (she was right she did regret that now) and dressing herself quickly and efficiently.

    Well Amy I hope you have a good night looks like we won't have a chance to talk more, looking in the mirror and as satisfied as she could be that she didn't look to bad, she moved to the front of the building to meet up with her instructor.

    Seeing Flat Face "Thank you for that time, I am ready when you are", she wanted to ask some questions but it seemed clear he would say what he wanted when he wanted and not simply to sate her curiosity.
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