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"Right now, maybe leaving tomorrow for good, I wager,"
He wanly smiled. Hoping he'd get his tea soon. "But yea, Miss Soft Serve is my friend."
Greif's Cafe

Greif visibly sinks down a bit, his shoulders slumping and his wings drooping. "Oh. Damn. I've got to stay and watch the store, unless my assistant comes in early and-"

The front door opens. In strides a light pink pony with blue eyes, a mane of striped dark pink and purple, and a spinning pinwheel for her cutie mark. She's got on a white shirt, red vest, and a slightly bored expression - traditional waitress attire. "Morning, boss," the casually greets the griffin. "Thought I'd come in a bit early and-"

Greif clambers over the counter and bolts for the door. "Totally awesome! I need you to watch the store for a bit!" he cheerfully exclaims. With a massive grin, he looks back at Fox Trot. "You tagging along?"