Greif's Cafe

The griffin pauses, just as he's about to leap out the door. He looks back at Fox Trot, and grins awkwardly. "Oooooh riiiiight, you asked for that, didn't you?"

The pink pony glares daggers at Greif. "Seriously? You forgot a customer's order!?" she hisses.

"But his friend is Soft Serve! The Soft Serve!" the griffin replies, holding his talons up plaintively.

"So you're just going to ignore the paying customer's order!?" the irate mare growls.

"Technically his orders are on the house since he's my first customer," Greif replies with a nervous grin, sweatdrops beading on his forehead.

The pink pony stares at the griffin. Her right eye begins to twitch. "I think I'm going to fry you later..." she mutters absentmindedly.