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Thread: PTA: Heralds of a New Dawn (IC)

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    The plane shudders again and everyone is lurched forward, only staying in their seats due to the seat belts. The lights go out, leaving only what little light streamed in throught the tiny windows. Outside, storm clouds have gathered, blotting out the sun. Lighting arcs between clouds.

    The plane is jarred again, throwing everyone to the side. Everyone's stomach drops as the plane is lifted upwards at an alarming rate. MUK MUK MUK! Who didn't pray!? But before anyone can answer, the plane stops accerlating and moves upwards on its own. At the pinnacle, the plane stops. An eerie silence takes hold of the cabin.

    The sound of strecthing metal is heard again. The roof of the cabin begins to buckle and stretch. The is a painful screech and the roof flies off and away. Everyone is buffeted by a gale, blinding them for a moment. As everyone regains their sight, they see what was causing the commotion. An extremly long, green serpent-like pokemon, with golden patterns along its body. It's body has looped around itself, and around the front and back of the plane, holding it still. Rayquaza, the Sky God, has appeared and he looked angry.

    Rayquaza lets out a deafening roar, shaking you to your very core. His voice, his presence speaks of pure power. The unrivled strength of weather it self. For a moment, he makes no other actions, just his body undulating to keep himself afloat. He glares at the opened cabin, as if searching. A glint of knowledge appears in his eye, and an accusatory claw points towards the cabin, far to big to determine who or what he's pointing at.

    He opens his maw, and a voice emantes from him. It seems to resonate in every fiber of your being, as if he speaks to each individual piece of your body seperately and all at once.

    You! Sea Bringer! You and your breathren awaken my sister from her eternal slumber, rekindle her feud with her brother and threaten to bring the end of your people and then scoff at my presence to save your pitiful race from the annilahtion you created. And then you DARE to disgrace my domain with your presence!? Your presence defiles my kingdom, a crime with the most severe punishment. You and your brethren have caused my family nothing but grief. Kyogre wanders the seas, restless. Her torment is furthered, knowing Groudon roams the same, and she may not engage him lest I intervein again. Explain your presence while my patience lasts, Sea Bringer.
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