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    She hadn't felt this much fear since that day on Sootopolis. The day she first seen him. The day she left Team Aqua. Her knees went weak, and her eyes watered. She knew this thing was more powerful than all those men and women who assembled on the plaza. But at the sametime, he was the reason she was here. He was the reason she became a Dragon Tamer in training.

    'Oh great and powerful Sky God. I am not a Sea Bringer. I hated them as much as you do now. But when I seen you that day in Sootopolis, something .... something changed in me. I cast aside my last remaining bonds to the Sea Bringers. I no longer carry the name of a Sea Bringer. They and the Land Shapers wish nothing but war upon each other, and to defile the land that we all share. Since that day I seen you, I devoted myself to helping your kind. The Dragons. I only wish I was so muh as worthy to grovel in your presence, but I know I am not. I love you, oh Great Dragon.'

    Ennis called out her 3 pokemon and prostrated herself to the most powerful being she had ever layed eyes on. 'My Horsea, my past I pledge to your sister Kyougre. My Trapinch, my present I pledge to your brother Groudon. And my Swablu, my newest recruit, my future, I pledge to you Lord Rayquaza. Please, spare us unworthy lowly humans.'

    She bit her tongue and hung her head low. It was hard knowing that something you loved looked upon you as less than nothing, and could kill you with less than a thought.
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